A collection of Quidditch players doing what they do best: Querping.

Querp |qua-erp|
adjective - chiefly American
1: The word that describes a particularly stupid looking face.
Example: A mouth-guard protruding smile, and the eyes pointing in different directions.
ORIGIN late 21st cent.: (see FuckYesQuidditch).

This page will run heavily on submissions (please submit them as photos, not text [they get squeeshed]), so submit your fave Quidkid querpin' out!

Tattoos and a consistently querpy face,
for UCLA Adam Richardson is clearly not a disgrace. 

PS: I think Derpy just fell in lust.
PPS: Are those tattoos legit? 

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#Lady's Man Querp  #UCLA  #Lookin' good  #Adam Richardson 
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